My Clinic Staff

Some of the friendly staff at My Clinic.

The Finest Medical Specialists

Great medical care starts with great practitioners. We believe this to be true, and that’s why the staff at My Clinic were hand-selected. From our administrative staff, to our nursing and technical staff, right down to our doctors. You see, My Clinic was started by a group of caring physicians, including Cardiologist Dr. Federico Maese. The foundation of My Clinic is to bring comprehensive health and wellness to the community, in a caring, all-inclusive facility. Our primary physicians and nursing team are highlighted below. Please say hi when you see them at My Clinic!

Dr. Federico Maese, M.D. F.A.C.C.

Dr. Federico Maese, M.D.

Dr. Maese is not just a great Cardiologist, he’s a great visionary. Dr. Maese is part of the team responsible for bringing My Clinic to the Dallas area, and for soliciting hospital and physician partners to come to My Clinic to treat and teach our members. When not assisting patients, you can find Dr. Maese checking in on everything here at My Clinic.

Dr. Maese has special interest in Preventative Cardiology, especially Primary and Secondary Prevention of Coronary Artery Disease. He is also involved in Metabolic Syndrome Research, Treatment, and Prevention and is among the most experienced in the management of Lap-Band Bariatric patients in the United States.


Dr. Charles I. Williams, Sr., DDM

Dr. Charles Williams DDM

Dr. Williams is a graduate of Baylor College and has been practicing dentistry for years. His caring ways combined with his expertise in Dental medicine and anesthesiology make him a trusted favorite of all of his patients.





Dr. Derrick Randall Askins, DDM

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Dr. Askins is another dental favorite! His patients respect his friendly approach and his genuine concern for their dental wellness. If you haven’t been to a dentist recently, make it a point to come and visit Dr. Askins.





Kristina McKinley Harvey, PA-C

Physician's Assistant, Kristina Harvey

As a physician assistant, Kristina is trained and licensed to practice medicine with limited supervision of a physician. Physician Assistant Harvey is a dedicated professional who has participated in numerous orthopedic oncology surgeries (as primary assistant) and medical studies. She also spends time volunteering with various community groups, and achieving a Senior Gold Medalist status in Figure Skating. Whatever your wellness needs, PA Harvey will make sure they are addressed… with a smile!


Miladys Friesen, Family Nurse Practioner

Family Nurse Practitioner, Miladys Friesen

Nurse Friesen has been caring for people throughout Texas since 1982. She is bilingual and fluent in both Spanish (her native language) and English. Nurse Friesen always has time for her patients and makes an extra effort to provide the information necessary for her patients to make healthy lifestyle choices and educated healthcare decisions. She is especially fond of providing guidance for health promotion and disease prevention. Nurse Friesen also helped develop and manage our obesity and weight loss program, along with an exercise trainer and dietician.

Visit Federico Mease at MyClinic website.

Visit Federico Mease at Preston Cardiology Wellness Center website.


Please don't drive to Ferris, Texas! Dr. Federico Maese is in Red Oak.

Dr. Federico (Fred) Maese used to be at the Ferris Heart Center, 210 W 6th St. Ferris, TX 75125. The Ferris Heart Center is closed. Please come to our brand new facility MyClinic at 106 Plaza Drive, Red Oak, Texas 75154. Please call (972) 515-8700 to schedule an appointment. CLICK HERE to Get Directions!

Dr. Federico Maese is also at Preston Cardiology Wellness Center.

Dr. Federico (Fred) Maese also practices at Preston Cardiology Wellness Center, 6170 Sherry Lane, Dallas, TX 75225. Please call (214) 234-0330 to schedule an appointment. CLICK HERE to Get Directions

Doctor Federico Maese M.D. is your local resource for health and well-being.

MyClinic wants to be your local resource for health and well-being.  Doctor Federico (Fred) Maese M.D. provides a comprehensive list of services all in one place, so that everyone in your family can get the care and attention they need, without having to drive all over town.  MyClinic and Doctor Federico M.D. also offer access to specialty care including women’s health, diabetic care, general and bariatric surgery, podiatry, weight loss programs, allergy testing, cardiology consultations, mental health evaluation and general pediatrics.

MyClinic is a new concept in health and wellness.

Founded by Dr. Federico Maese, MyClinic is a new concept in health and wellness. Dr. Federico Maese blended the idea of a full-service family medical practice with that of a medical center that is open late nights and on weekends. Dr. Federico Maese conveniently service Red Oak and all of the surrounding cities, including Cedar Hill, Waxahachie, DeSoto, Duncanville, Lancaster, Glenn Heights, Wilmer, Hutchins and Midlothian. We provide a full range of health and wellness services to everyone in your family.

Dr. Federico Maese M.D. plans to open about six MyClinics in the next two years.

Dr. Fred Maese, a Preston Cardiology Wellness Center cardiologist, plans to open about six MyClinics in the next two years.

MyClinics is a hybrid concept!

“MyClinic in Red Oak is a hybrid concept between a family practice/pediatrics model and an urgent care model,” Dr. Maese said. “It’s a primary care practice with extended hours that can accommodate some of the business that would have gone to the emergency room and will provide a service over and above what family practice is doing.”

Dr. Federico Maese M.D. is the correct spelling of my name, not Frederico Maese M.D.

Alot of people and websites mispell my name? Dr. Federico Maese M.D. is the correct spelling of my name, not Frederico Maese M.D. It is much easier to just call me: Dr. Fred Maese M.D. And remember I am no longer at the Ferris Heart Center, 210 W 6th St. Ferris, TX 75125. The Ferris Heart Center is closed.